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Our website continues to grow, with improving visitor numbers and additions to the world wide database. We believe we have the world’s most comprehensive fixed base flight simulators data set. Elliott is regularly searching the web for new venues and as you can see we are adding one or two new sites to the collection each month.

In addition to our social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, where we will be improving how we interactive with our followers, this year we launched our fortnightly podcast series. Alexis tells me we have a slow but steady growing number of listeners, with last month seeing listeners now from six of the world’s seven continents. We have yet to register a download from Antartica. If you do find yourself heading down there or have someone you know, we would much appreciate a shout-out from “down-under”.

In conjunction with our podcast series we have now made it to YouTube. It’s taken almost a year, but we made it. We the great work Alexis does on the podcast we wanted to reach more people and YouTube, being the world’s second largest search-engine, provides a great platform. We hope this will attract a few more people to our site and help them in finding a flight simulator that meets their needs.

In addition, our Featured Venue reviews will soon be including video work – with that too being uploaded to YouTube and those links being provided on their Feature Venue page.

We’ll keep you posted on additions and changes to the website as they come along. If you have any comments or questions please drop a note note below, use our Contact Us page or you can reach us on any of the social media platforms.

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