About Us

We are a team of airline pilots and flight simulation enthusiasts looking to bridge the gap between simulator users and the providers of quality flight simulation. We’re doing this by cataloguing, visiting and reviewing flight simulators worldwide. Our database of simulators can be searched by type or location and provides simulator and contact details, along with a review. During a visit, our team puts each simulator through its paces, and, having flown the actual aircraft over many thousands of hours, reports their findings and expert opinion in an easy to digest format; with far more detail than just the standard review.

Our reviews show how a simulator, the venue and their staff measure up to our high standards and how much of our comprehensive checklists they satisfy. This provides an accurate, honest and unbiased appraisal from those who are in the know and fly the real machines, whilst also bench-marking each one for comparison. It affords choice based on the experience and level of accuracy desired. We also seek to raise the profile of flight simulation and help providers reach a wider community, attracting both new and repeat custom.

What Makes A Good Simulator?

Having extensively researched requirements and even participated in our own simulator sessions and experiences, we have a pretty good handle on what constitutes a good flight simulator and venue.

Our assessments look at the aesthetics, accuracy and realism of the simulator flightdeck, as well as a detailed review of system functionality, sounds and ‘outside the windows’. We like to see high definition wrap around visual displays with smooth frame rates and rendering, realistic weather and moving ground/air traffic. Detailed airports, terrain and ground services add to the simulation experience. Real/realistic aircraft parts increase simulator credibility and extras such as a full flightdeck and cabin sections, internet connection or even full motion platforms mean these simulators tend to achieve the highest ratings.

The venue also forms part of our review, with factors such as location, signage, ease of access, and availability of parking considered. We like airport locations, but quite often cost and availability prevents this – we believe more affordable pricing is a higher priority. Facilities are assessed and our checklists encompass reception/waiting areas, restrooms, refreshment availability and briefing/learning rooms.

The business as a whole and venue staff are considered in the review. From the atmosphere and welcome a customer receives to the simulator ‘flight time’ versus purchased time. We interact with the instructors, ask about briefings and then see how accurate, confident, knowledgeable and personable they are in the flight deck – all important to those seeking the ultimate pilot experience.

Advertising, courses and experiences offered and the process/ease of booking are reviewed and it’s great to see nearly all the venues visited so far have a charitable and/or community learning and development element – a great insight into the character of the business.

Each simulator and venue offers their own unique insight into the world of flying while remaining firmly planted on the ground. We hope to promote this uniqueness and convey the experience most likely to be enjoyed when visiting, while also giving the venue a review to be proud of and a path for further development. By linking the consumer and provider we hope high quality flight simulation really takes off!

Further reading can be found from our articles (part 1 and part 2) covering what we look for in our reviews.

Our Pins and Badges

Yellow Pin

A simulator venue on our database, from which we’ve yet to contact or had contact. Information verified by online sources only rather than direct with the owner or management.

Green Pin

Two-way contact has been established and we have received further and more detailed information through our online questionnaire about the venue. The venue is pending a visit from simulator review and will normally have a “Find Us On Badge” on their website.


Blue Pin

Simulator Review has visited this venue and can verify the authenticity and accuracy of information. An independent in-depth review of the venue has been written by one of our expert reviewers and produced on the website. Their website will also normally display our “Featured Venue Badge” reflecting with work between us.

Find Us On Simulator Review
Find Us On Badge

The venue is in two-way contact with simulator review and awaiting a visit from us. We are happy to associate with the venue after receiving more detailed information from the owners/management. These venues would have a green or blue pin annotation.

Featured Venue Badge
The venue have hosted Simulator Review for an independent review to be conducted. We’ve enjoyed our visit to the venue, found them to reach the high standards we look for and they can be considered as an excellent choice for us to recommend a visit. These venues would have a blue pin annotation.

Meet the Team

We’re not tripadvisor! Our team are very experienced and aim to give consistent and trustworthy reviews. This prevents wasted travel/money for customers and allows providers to build upon feedback and constantly improve their offering.

Alexis  – A seasoned globetrotter and extreme flight simulation enthusiast. There’s not much he doesn’t know about flight simulation/airline operations and often gives the airline pilot team members a good run for their money.

Elliott – A current airline Captain that has flown both Airbus and Boeing aircraft on long and short haul routes for a major UK airline. He grew up with PC flight simulation and has had his eyes opened as to the ability of venues to provide amazing experiences in highly accurate and capable devices.

Andrew – A dedicated long haul airline pilot flying the Boeing 777 around the world from London for many years. A keen interest in web development and proven record in e-commerce means that if he’s not casting his eye over a venue/device, then he’s hard at work in the crevices of the internet.

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