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We are pleased to welcome our first Green Pin membership addition from Belgium, Northsea Flight Simulation. We hope the additional information provided by Northsea will help you chose the best simulator for your needs. Like all of our Green Pin members we look forward to visiting Northsea Flight Simulation sometime in the future, moving their review to one of our Blue Pin Featured Venues.

The Simulators

Northsea offers a rare experience within the flight sim world with a full motion six degrees of freedom A320 flight simulator. Visuals are presented in full high definition with more than 220 degrees field of view.

Adding to the sense of realism is a tactile vibration system and an electric based loading of the flight controls. Unlike their Boeing rivals there is no need for spring-loaded or hydraulic control systems connecting the controls together.

The simulator has an internet connection, therefore providing you with VATSIM access. And with real-time weather available a more realistic flight experience can be gained. Moving from clear skies and calm winds to more challenging conditions will always help to further develop the virtual pilot’s skills.

The Venue

Northsea is based right next to Ostend–Bruges International Airport (IATA: OST, ICAO: EBOS). We do like these airport based venues as they provide that extra bit of realism for the flight sim enthusiasts. According to google maps it’s about a six minute drive from the airport to Northsea. Or with a little bit of walking and a bus ride, it’s about 15 minutes. However, if you are driving to the venue off-street parking is available.

If you are bringing along others with you then Northsea offers a unique opportunity in that their full-motion simulator can accommodate up to six people. It’s an excellent opportunity for others to see how it’s done (and of course learn from your “slips”).  In particular for the professional pilot, which is a significant part of Northsea’s business, being able to learn from others is a critical part of a pilot’s development.

The Staff and Business

Northsea offers a range of packages, from those wanting to buy a gift voucher for the the budding airline pilot in the family, business team building experiences, or professional pilot training. In particular for the professional pilot, training can be provided for maintaining proficiency, preparing for checks and help with airline assessments.

For those repeat customers Northsea also offers a customer loyalty program, something we are pleased to see increasingly in the sector.


We look forward to visiting Northsea Flight Simulation in the future, adding them to our Featured Venue Blue Pin membership.

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