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Elliott’s Favourite Aviation YouTube Videos – Part 2

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Elliott’s Favourite Aviation YouTube Videos – Part 2

This is the second instalment of where I share my favourite aviation related videos from YouTube.

In Part 2 of this series I cover video productions from three gentlemen from different aviation backgrounds, but find themselves in the same genre of flying. Their video content is similar, but shown from different generational aspects. Each flies their respective aircraft as a single pilot, under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) conditions in the USA and do a good job at explaining each phase of flight, their actions and why. Keep an eye out as amongst their videos they meet up and fly in each other’s aircraft. It shows a great aviation community spirit and one you feel part of watching their videos. Here’s one to start … 


YouTube Channel –

My favourite of the YouTube aviation channels, Steveo has been producing popular videos for YouTube for over 13 years. He primarily flies a TBM 850 around the SE USA and Florida, whilst also being an ambassador to and frequenting the Bahamas. He currently has additional flying jobs as a Cessna Caravan and a Quest Kodiak Captain and past videos include time in a Saab 340 and Beech King Air. All videos contain lots of explanation of airmanship, procedures and systems, overlaid charts, ATC communication and occasionally a give away from one of his various sponsors such as Bose. His film making skills are fantastic and he produces some excellent footage from inside and outside the cockpit, down route and from drones, along with some catchy accompanying tunes. Keep an eye for the electric skateboard, which often makes an appearance along with some other famous YouTube aviators.

All of the videos on the Steveo1kinevo channel are worth watching, even if just for the music and footage, but I have picked three videos I particularly enjoyed watching. In the first video, ‘Into The Night – Single Pilot IFR Flight’, Steveo waits until evening to fly a night flight, which is rare for the YouTube aviators – a real treat.

In the second video, ‘In-flight System Failure – What A Mess!’ , Steveo manages an electrical failure well and explains everything as he’s dealing with the issues – all while still flying the aeroplane as a single pilot. The electrical failure happens just after 19:45 incase you didn’t spot it – it was that well handled!

And in the third video, ‘Stressful Flight Into Bad Weather – Single Pilot IFR Flight From Atlanta To Miami’, Steveo explains how he uses the weather radar and his methodology for choosing his flight path through the Florida storms.

Premier 1 Driver

YouTube Channel –

Greg is an ex-air force F-16 pilot, who flies his own Beechcraft Premier 1 around the United States for business and pleasure. He’s also been producing YouTube videos for over 13 years and in the last 5 years or so has produced some fantastic flying material. As with Steveo1kinevo, all of Premier 1 Driver’s videos on his channel are worth watching, but I have picked three videos I particularly enjoyed.

The first video, ‘Departing San Jose – What Is A Pre-Departure Clearance?’, includes ATC, split screen footage and some great scenery out of the window. Greg also explains the pre-departure clearance process – the US has an incredible user friendly and efficient system.

The second video, ‘Flying Solo In A Jet’ – Miami To Naples’ , contains some typical Florida views and weather, but highlights the busy nature and need for organised flight management on such a short flight. Having ATC included shows the multitasking that single pilot IFR operations require.

And in the final video from Greg, ‘Private Jet Ride Along – Blake’s Flight’, demonstrates a good technical knowledge regarding navigation, performance and aircraft systems. It’s nicely presented in the form of a ride along, with a young future aviator in the right hand seat, meaning explanations are pitched at a nice level and the concepts are simpler to grasp.

Citation Max

YouTube Channel –

Max started out flying the Cirrus SR22 before moving on to the Cirrus Vision Jet and currently flies a Citation Jet 3+ business jet. Some great in cockpit footage and commentary can be found in his videos from a youthful perspective as well as some good technical information about flying and the jet itself. Again, all the videos on Max’s channel are worth watching, but I have picked three videos I particularly enjoyed.

In the first video, ‘Cirrus Vision Jet – The Epic – Re-Arrival – Las Vegas McCarran Intl Airport’, Max flies a busy IFR arrival into a major international airport, with ATC communication recorded and explanation of chart work and checklist commentary.


Max’s second video, ‘Taking Delivery Of A Brand New Private Jet’, leads us through the process of taking delivery of a private jet. For most of us, the closest we’ll come to this is taking delivery of a new car, but it’s remarkable how similar the process is!

And in video three, ‘Birdstrike & OshKosh IFR Arrival with Premier 1 Driver & Backseat Brian’, Citation Max flies with Premier 1 Driver in the right-hand seat on their way to the OshKosh Airshow. It’s great seeing the two pilots operate together, again with some split screens and nice views. They have a bird strike during take-off – you can find this at 6:25. Very calmly dealt with by the pair.

I’ll continue this series covering other videos I have found interesting and include other channels I recommend following and indeed follow myself. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the content so far – there’s much more to come!

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